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Hosted by Gail Rego


Böll·Europe is the podcast of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union office in Brussels. From climate and energy transition to democracy and human rights. From rule of law and digital policy to gender democracy and migration. From economic and social policy, to EU foreign & security policy. These are just some of the topics we will analyse, always through a European and green perspective, and thanks to insightful conversations with policy-makers, experts and civil society and partners from the network of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung.

Latest episodes

Böll·Europe Podcast #3 | Making the Great Turnaround Work part 2: Economic and social policies against climate change

Climate change and the physical boundaries of our planet make it imperative to transform the way our societies work and produce goods. Gail Rego talks to Anna Coote and Antonio Andreoni about specific frameworks and policy proposals that could make the turnaround become a reality.

Böll·Europe Podcast #2 | Intersectionality and refugee women

Women and girls are exposed to unique forms of violence related to their gender, ethnicity, age, sexuality, and socioeconomic status. Have female refugees found ‘safety’ at the European Union’s borders? Gail Rego talks with Madita Stantdke-Erdmann and Anila Noor.

Böll·Europe Podcast #1 | Making the Great Turnaround Work part 1: Greening finance

There is emergence of a transformative economic thinking, integrating environmental, social, and economic dimensions, after the wreckage of neoliberal economic thought that clearly has reached its date of expiry. Green finance can contribute to that. Gail Rego talks with Frank van Lerven and Carolyn Sissoko.

Böll·Europe Podcast | Teaser

We are thrilled to launch this new Podcast, which we hope it will be hub for great and innovative transformative ideas for a greener, more democratic, fair and just Europe.

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